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3D object and the mold
3D Object | Program Model

Sensory Saturdays: Museum of York County

Sensory Saturdays are designed as monthly events dedicated to people with sensory differences, including children with autism, their families, and their caregivers. The entire museum was open, including...
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3D Printed Astrophysical Objects
3D Object | Program Model

Touch the Universe: Adler Planetarium

Touch the Universe uses 3D printed astrophysical objects in combination with visualizations to provide Adler Planetarium guests with a new way of exploring space concepts. It also benefits our guests with...
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Illustration of a telescope and outer space
3D Object | Activities | Software

Tinkercad: Universe in 3D

When scientists combine data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory with other telescopes, such as the Hubble or Spitzer space telescopes, or with scientific and mathematical models, we can create data-driven...
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Illustration of hand on left placing a star in hand on right
3D Object | Activities

3D Printing the X-ray Universe

Despite our limited abilities to travel to distant objects in outer space, astronomers, computer scientists, and others are developing techniques that nudge astronomy visualization forward from two-dimensional...
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