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1 May 2022
31 Jul 2022
Challenge 2022 NASA's Astrophoto Challenge (Summer)
The summer 2022 NASA's Astrophoto Challenges wll take place May 1, 2022 through July 31, 2022. The season's target has not yet been anounced. Try your hand at processing images from NASA's...
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13 Jan 2022
Professional Learning Webinar Science Briefing: Live from AAS! 2022
While the American Astronomical Society meeting has been cancelled, we’ll still be providing access to select researchers who will discuss their breaking news results coming out of NASA Astrophysics...
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10 Nov 2021
Professional Learning Webinar Exemplary Practices using Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Free Resources (Fall 2021)
During this webinar hosted by the National Girls Collaborative Project, you will learn about several free resources from NASA’s Universe of Learning and hear how facilitators incorporated them into...
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21 Oct 2021
Virtual Science Talk Ask the Astronomers Live: Your M87 Galaxy Images
Join us to view the standout entries from NASA's Astrophoto Challenges 2021. Explore More  
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Webb Telescope in clean room (folded)
Article | Resource Guide

Teachable Moments: Learn About the Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope

Learn about the science and engineering behind the largest and most powerful space telescope ever built while exploring ways to engage learners in the mission. TEACHABLE MOMENTS: JAMES WEBB SPACE...
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1 Jul 2021
16 Aug 2021
Challenge 2021 NASA's Astrophoto Challenge (Summer)
The summer 2021 NASA's Astrophoto Challenges have ended. This season's target: Messier 87 Galaxy. Try your hand at processing images from NASA's space telescopes, or capture and process...
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Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Logo with the text NASA’s Universe of Learning Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Program Cookbook
Resource Guide

Girls STEAM Ahead With NASA Program Cookbook

Create your own Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA event using NASA’s Universe of Learning resources. Like any typical cookbook, our Program Cookbook includes recipes for events that are ordered by topic. Depending...
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11 May 2021
Professional Learning Webinar Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Free Resources (Spring 2021)
This year’s Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA webinar, hosted by the National Girls Collaborative Project, explores several NASA’s Universe of Learning resources that can be used in virtual events....
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A Universe of Sound website banner

A Universe of Sound

Every sound begins with a vibration. When those vibrations travel through the air, they can enter the human eardrum where they are eventually turned into electrical signals that our brain interprets as...
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3 Dec 2020
Professional Learning Webinar Science Briefing: Black Holes, Out of the Shadows
Please join us for this edition of NASA’s Universe of Learning Science Briefings! We will hear about black holes of all kinds, how we know about them, and what scientists would love to find out about...
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The Expanded Universe: Playing with Time Activity Guide

In this activity, participants use balloons to model the expansion of the universe and observe how expansion affects wavelengths of light and distance between galaxies. Participants will learn: The...
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Competition Material | Resource Guide

Science Olympiad - Guide for Using JS9

We invite you to explore these tools to help you learn more about the Universe that all of us inhabit. The flexibility and user friendliness of JS9 allows you to easily access many astronomical databases...
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EXOTIC (Exoplanet Transit Interpretation Code) Software

Use Exoplanet Watch's official data reduction tool EXOTIC (Exoplanet Transit Interpretation Code) to analyze a sample dataset of the transiting exoplanet, HAT-P-32b, to produce your own transit light...
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Several youth interacting with Exploring Light exhibit
Activities | Resource Guide

Light & Color: Exploring Visible Light Activity Guide

This activity introduces learners to the visible-light spectrum and color mixing. Your event’s attendees may explore visible light by observing it with diffraction grating glasses to see how it can...
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TRAPPIST-1 System - Artist Concept

ViewSpace Videos: Kepler Space Telescope

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope found that the night sky is filled with more planets than stars! Explore attention-capturing videos about its discoveries. Are you interested in playing ViewSpace in...
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