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Exoplanet Watch

NASA's Universe of Learning's Exoplanet Watch is a citizen science project, currently geared toward amateur astronomers and astronomy students at colleges and universities, to observe transiting...
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Video still from National Science Olympiad
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Science Olympiad Astronomy and Solar System Webinars

Science Olympiad is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of K–12 science education, increasing interest in science for all students, creating a technologically literate...
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Science Olympiad - Guide for Using JS9

We invite you to explore these tools to help you learn more about the Universe that all of us inhabit. The flexibility and user friendliness of JS9 allows you to easily access many astronomical databases...
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EXOTIC (Exoplanet Transit Interpretation Code) Software

Use Exoplanet Watch's official data reduction tool EXOTIC (Exoplanet Transit Interpretation Code) to analyze a sample dataset of the transiting exoplanet, HAT-P-32b, to produce your own transit light...
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Collage of Astroviz images

AstroViz 2018 Conference Session Videos

The AstroViz 2018 workshop provides an opportunity for professionals who create or use astronomical visualizations to enable science learning, literacy, and communication to meet, share techniques, and...
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Welcome to a new "one-stop shopping" experience that makes finding the right astronomy image easier than ever! AstroPix offers publicly accessible image galleries of many of the leading astronomical...
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TRAPPIST-1 Scale Model

On February 22, 2017, NASA announced the discovery of the largest batch of Earth-sized, habitable-zone planets around a single star – TRAPPIST-1A. Further data about these planets was released on...
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