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Webb Telescope in clean room (folded)
Article | Resource Guide

Teachable Moments: Learn About the Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope

Learn about the science and engineering behind the largest and most powerful space telescope ever built while exploring ways to engage learners in the mission. TEACHABLE MOMENTS: JAMES WEBB SPACE...
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Screen shot from video showing a completed paper circuit

Paper Circuits: Light Up Exploded Stars

Paper circuits help learners of all ages explore the basics of electricity (energy that results from the existence of charged particles like electrons or protons) and conductivity (the degree to which...
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A Universe of Sound website banner

A Universe of Sound

Every sound begins with a vibration. When those vibrations travel through the air, they can enter the human eardrum where they are eventually turned into electrical signals that our brain interprets as...
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Black hole in a super massive black hole

ViewSpace Videos: Black Holes

What are black holes? How can we detect them? These videos allow your visitors to journey to the centers of galaxies to explore what we know about these elusive objects. Are you interested in playing...
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A Multi-Wavelength View of Radio Galaxy Hercules A

ViewSpace Videos: Extreme Physics and Phenomena

The universe is filled with objects that test the laws of physics, including extreme energies, new states of matter, and gravitational and magnetic fields that far exceed those on Earth. Explore what we...
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ViewSpace Interactives: Black Holes

A black hole is a region of space packed with so much mass that its own gravity prevents anything from breaking away. Although we can’t see a black hole, telescopes can observe the material around...
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Star-Forming Region in the Small Magellanic Cloud Star Cluster NGC 602

ViewSpace Videos: Space

ViewSpace videos tell the stories of planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe, giving viewers opportunities to experience space observed by satellites and telescopes. Explore more than 250 videos in...
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Visions of the Universe Logo

Visions of the Universe Exhibit

Visions of the Universe: Four Centuries of Discovery portrays our changing views of the universe through time with images and text. The exhibit includes 12 panels that feature key astronomical discoveries...
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Welcome to a new "one-stop shopping" experience that makes finding the right astronomy image easier than ever! AstroPix offers publicly accessible image galleries of many of the leading astronomical...
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MicroObservatory camera
Software | Website


NASA's space science researchers control some of the world's most sophisticated space probes and orbiting telescopes to get amazing images of objects in space. Now YOU can join them by operating...
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