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9 Dec 2021
Virtual Science Talk Ask the Astronomers Live: Seeing New Frontiers with NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
The James Webb Space Telescope is NASA's next major space observatory. With its 20 foot (6 meter) diameter mirror and its vantage point one million miles (1.5 million km) away from the Earth, it will...
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16 Nov 2021
Virtual Science Talk Ask the Astronomers Live: A Planet in a Galaxy Far Far Away
A planet may have been detected in a galaxy outside of our own. There are thousands of planets detected around stars in our own Milky Way galaxy, but for the first time we may have detected a planet in...
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Ultra Deep Field

Ultra Deep Field: Looking Out into Space, Looking Back into Time

This six-minute visual exploration of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field showcases the characteristics and contents of this landmark observation, as well as its four-dimensional nature across both space and time....
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21 Oct 2021
Virtual Science Talk Ask the Astronomers Live: Your M87 Galaxy Images
Join us to view the standout entries from NASA's Astrophoto Challenges 2021. Explore More  
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Webb Telescope in clean room (folded)
Article | Resource Guide

Teachable Moments: Learn About the Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope

Learn about the science and engineering behind the largest and most powerful space telescope ever built while exploring ways to engage learners in the mission. TEACHABLE MOMENTS: JAMES WEBB SPACE...
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Screen shot from video showing a completed paper circuit

Paper Circuits: Light Up Exploded Stars

Paper circuits help learners of all ages explore the basics of electricity (energy that results from the existence of charged particles like electrons or protons) and conductivity (the degree to which...
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21 Sep 2021
Virtual Science Talk Ask the Astronomers Live: 'Oumuamua
'Oumuamua: Space Rock or Alien Tech? In 2017 astronomers remarkably detected the first known example of an object originating from OUTSIDE of our solar system as it was briefly passing THROUGH our...
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30 Jun 2021
Virtual Science Talk Ask the Astronomers Live: What Would YOUR Galaxy Look Like?
Make your own images of the amazing galaxy M87— host to a supermassive black hole — using data from NASA’s space telescopes or ground based telescopes. Try these challenges and your entry...
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Exoplanet Watch

NASA's Universe of Learning's Exoplanet Watch is a citizen science project, currently geared toward amateur astronomers and astronomy students at colleges and universities, to observe transiting...
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28 May 2021
Virtual Science Talk Ask the Astronomers Live: A Wake in the Dark (Matter)
What happens when you map out the farthest stars in our Milky Way galaxy? You can trace how the gravity of a neighboring galaxy affected those distant stars' positions as our neighbor heads to a collision...
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Women in Stem logo on black background with geometric shapes

Women in STEM Poster Series

View and download inspiring, beautiful posters and a mini zine celebrating some of the women who have made significant contributions to science, technology, engineering, and math, from Hypatia in fourth...
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29 Apr 2021
Virtual Science Talk Ask the Astronomers Live: Diving into the Deep End of the Universe
When the Hubble Space Telescope imaged a seemingly empty region of sky for over 11 days, it turned out to not be empty at all, but full of the faintest and farthest galaxies in the Universe. This was named...
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A Universe of Sound website banner

A Universe of Sound

Every sound begins with a vibration. When those vibrations travel through the air, they can enter the human eardrum where they are eventually turned into electrical signals that our brain interprets as...
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Example of 2 Exoplanet Trading Cards, front and back
Activities | Resource Guide

Exoplanet Trading Cards and Activity Guide

These cards and activities are designed for families and small groups of learners 12 and older, but can be adapted for any age range. The deck contains a “How to Play” card, a “Types...
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Reach Across the Stars Banner

Reach Across the Stars: A Universe of Explorers

The history of women's contributions to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is long and varied. This app highlights only a few of the women who have had an impact on STEM...
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