Viewspace logo above Earth image
June 2020


The NASA’s Universe of Learning’s ViewSpace team has released five new Image Tours in the ViewSpace Video Collection. Image Tours take audiences on a deeper dive into the interesting details of an image, using the wonder evoked by NASA Astrophysics to inspire further learning. The new Image Tours feature imagery from Chandra, Fermi, Hubble, and Spitzer.

ViewSpace videos feature the latest imagery from NASA’s space-based telescopes and satellites, and provide unique insight into our understanding of the universe. A team of scientists, educators, writers, designers, and developers working closely with NASA Astrophysics mission teams develops ViewSpace.

The ViewSpace video library is accessible to anyone to view individual videos. The looping video collection is designed for exhibits and is available for free to organizations such as museums, science centers, and libraries that would like to present ViewSpace to the public.


ViewSpace is displayed in over 245 museums, science centers, and planetariums nationwide.


Among study participants who viewed ViewSpace videos, external evaluation shows the percentage of viewers who understood the use of multiple wavelengths across the electromagnetic spectrum increased (p < 0.001).