The Habitable Zone

Video still with Habitable Zone logo and pictures of 3 actors
February 2019

The Habitable Zone

The video series “The Habitable Zone” provides an introduction to exoplanet science through the framework of a science fiction narrative. Principle goals of the series:

  • Explore the many conditions required for “habitability” beyond merely how far away a planet is from its star.

  • Depict science as a process of investigation and discovery.

  • Show a diverse cast enthusiastically engaged in scientific pursuits

Include “after-show” videos with astronomers discussing the science topics covered in each episode.

The first episode, “Goldilocks Paradox” and its four after-show segments are available now from the Universe Unplugged website (, YouTube, and iTunes. The second episode, “Scorched Earth Enigma,” will be released in mid-2019.

The Universe Unplugged videos are part of a new generation of experiences being developed by the NASA’s Universe of Learning program. The effort combines a direct connection to the science and scientists of NASA’s Astrophysics missions with attention to audience needs to enable youth, families, and lifelong learners to explore fundamental questions in science, experience how science is done, and discover the universe for themselves.