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Science Olympiad and My SO Logos
May 2021

The 2021 National Science Olympiad Tournament

The National Science Olympiad Tournament was held virtually on May 22, 2021.60 teams of 2 competed  in the C Division Astronomy event and 60 teams of 2 competed in the B Division Reach for the Stars event for a total of 240 team members taking the exams.

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astronomical image
February 2021

Discover How We Can Turn Data Collected from Space into Sound and Body Movement!

Sonification is the process that translates data into sound, and a new project brings the center of the Milky Way to listeners for the first time.

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geographic distribution of SMEs registered in the NASA's Universe of Learning Subject Matter Expert Database
January 2021

Subject Matter Expert Database Released in January

The SME database launched in January.  Astrophysics SMEs can register and provide information about their interests and expertise. This information will be used to match SMEs with upcoming informal education and STEM engagement opportunities.

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Ask the Astronomers Live Poster
August 2020

Engaging Public Audiences through Social Media and Online Resources

Phil LaMarr takes us on a journey to the great nebula in the constellation of Orion with his astronomy guests Jessica Harris and Frank Summers. Together they peel back the mysteries of this beautiful spectacle and explain how we can figure out what a two-dimensional picture of a nebula might look like in 3D!

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Viewspace logo above Earth image
June 2020


ViewSpace videos feature the latest imagery from NASA’s space-based telescopes and satellites, and provide unique insight into our understanding of the universe. A team of scientists, educators, writers, designers, and developers working closely with NASA Astrophysics mission teams develops ViewSpace.

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A pair of headphones with a laptop displaying the Universe of Learning website in the background
May 2020

NASA’s Universe of Learning at Home

NASA’s Universe of Learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, has developed a webpage to support distance learning and families staying at home. Resources can be sorted in a variety of ways – by audience, by science, or by product type.

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Illustration of a  transiting exoplanet
March 2020

Utilizing Small Telescopes Operated by Citizen Scientists for Transiting Exoplanet Follow-up

Exoplanet Watch is a community program within the NASA’s Universe of Learning project that engages the public to do citizen science related to transiting exoplanets. Participants observe objects using their own equipment, upload their reduced data to a central repository (hosted by the AAVSO Exoplanet Section), and the data is shared with the broader science community to contribute to timing accuracy for transiting exoplanet follow-ups.

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Several attendees and a presenter at a Universe of Learning exhibit
March 2020

Building an Informal Learning Network

The NASA’s Universe of Learning project, ASTC, and Smithsonian Affiliations have partnered with dozens of informal learning organizations across the country. The resulting Informal Learning Network has co-created program models that illustrate how venues of informal learning can use NASA Astrophysics science content and expertise to engage their audiences in science learning.

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Messier 82
February 2020

NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges Winter 2020 ∙ Messier 82 Galaxy

The NASA’s Universe of Learning (UoL) team created the NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges to enable learners to work with real astronomical data from NASA missions and tools and data from SAO’s online MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network. In the winter 2020 challenges, learners created their own beautiful images of the iconic starburst galaxy Messier 82.

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Viewed from behind, two children looking through VR goggles
April 2019

World Science Festival Academy

NASA’s UoL team members conducted 2- 45 min workshops with 35 high school age students April 11, 2019 for the World Science Festival Academy in NYC.

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Hands building a paper circuit with batteries on a table
March 2019

Smart Girls Inc.

Two Chandra X-ray Observatory SME’s visited Smart Girls Inc. in Lynn MA to run 3 hour-long workshops. 60 local middle school girls learned about Chandra and how X-ray telescopes work.

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girls at conference desks with projection screen at front of room
March 2019

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts

NASA’s Universe of Learning team member conducted two one-hour coding workshops with Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts during their annual STEM Conference in Framingham, MA

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Two girls at a table engaged in an activity
February 2019

Girl Scouts Rhode Island Juniors

NASA’s Universe of Learning conducted a 2-hour workshop of coding, circuits & virtual reality with Girl Scouts, RI/Juniors (ages 10-11) in Warwick, RI on February 28, 2019 in celebration of the International Day of Women & Girls in Science.

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Group of young adults posing together with a life size paper astronomy cut out
February 2019

The Museum of Life and Science

The Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC ran an afterschool program called Teen Cosmos Collective; a series aimed at building science communication skills, space content knowledge, and science literacy and identity.

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Video still with Habitable Zone logo and pictures of 3 actors
February 2019

The Habitable Zone

The video series “The Habitable Zone” provides an introduction to exoplanet science through the framework of a science fiction narrative.

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